A Sims-style x out of 10 representation of my skills; cooking 6, mechanical 5, charisma 6, body 2, logic 8, creativity 7, cleaning 4
Figure 2: My skills (for Figure 1, see this or this).
A picture of my avatar, with fangs, long hair, cat ears, glasses, and me doing a sort of 'rawr' pose for the lack of a better word.
Figure 3: An idealised representation of me
A Sims-style x out of 10 representation of my personality; sloppy/neat 3, shy/outgoing 7, lazy/active 3, serious/playful 8, grouchy/nice 6
Figure 4: My personality

My name is Elizabeth Ōkami (formerly Myers). I'm also known as Elizafox. See here for the definitive pronounciation and spelling guide.

Welcome to my homepage. It's kind of Spartan, not from lack of ability or imagination, but simply because that's my preference. I use no JavaScript, just plain old HTML 5 and CSS, out of choice as well. And yes, the pride flags above are in CSS. And I even verified the dimensional accuracy of them all! They should be a roughly 2:3 aspect ratio, like most flags.

I was created in 1991 in Waterloo, Iowa, United States; but I grew up in the Chicago metro. I've lived many places since then, but right now I live in Seattle, Washington.

About me

My pronouns (deal with it) are she/her or they/them.

A brief summary of my identity can be found here.

I'm a consultant for Microsoft working for a contracting company, but I'm always open for better opportunities; you can find my résumé here.

See here for more detailed info.


I have worked on many things, past and present.


Note: more about many of these projects can be found here.




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